Who Is Really Behind Islamic Terrorism?

(By Huseyin Abudharr Ali) When it was proven that Moazzam Begg was working with the Mi5 it came to a shock to many, but it wasn’t surprising to the many others who had been saying that the anti-Assad militias in Syria … Continue reading


Racism In The MundoBasket

(By Huseyin Abudharr Ali)


As MundoBasket 2014 takes off in Spain, one of the historical heavyweights: Greece, were missing three of their major players. These were Diamantidis, who retired from international basketball, plus Koufos and Spanoulis who said they were two exhausted. However, there is much hope for Greece with the new and exciting: Giannis Antetokounmpo, the 19 year old wonder kid who recently went to the NBA to play for Milwaukee Bucks.

Yet despite his extremely Greek sounding name Antetokounmpo is in fact of Nigerian descent, with his parents migrating to Athens before he was born. With the financial crisis currently taking place in Greece, and the rise of the fascist party: ‘Golden Dawn’, a racist campaign has started on Social Media against Antetokounmpo being allowed to represent Greece. Nikolaos Michaloliakos the leader of Golden dawn even went as far as likening him to a ‘chimpanzee’. Continue reading

Gaf and Chav

Is British Socialism Anti-Imperialist?

(By Huseyin Abudharr Ali)

I remember learning that I was a ‘Marxist’, I also remember being told that as a Marxist I wasn’t supposed to believe something I believed. My ideology is one I have learnt from studying the lives of people who lived over a thousand years before Karl Marx, so therefore it may be strange that their ideology could be referred to as Marxism. Continue reading

Pali Protest

Israel Starting To Feel Public Pressure

(By Huseyin Abudharr Ali)

I know what many people are thinking, that they’ve heard this all before and that nothing will change. It is true that many world leaders remain silent and the leaders of both Labour and Conservatives in Britain have shown their support for Israel’s genocide, yet I feel that there is also optimism this time around, that things could be slowly changing. Continue reading

Middle East Leaders

Middle East Leaders: Who Backs Israel & Who Backs Palestine?

(By Huseyin Abudharr Ali)

With the latest crisis in Palestine getting into the news and the 7 decades of Israeli oppression on the Palestinians, one must wonder how has this been allowed for so long? The Middle Eastern states have different politics, whether they are Sunni, Shi’ite or Ibadi, Secular or Religious, Capitalist or Socialist, however the question is: Who are the allies and who are the enemies of Israel? In this article I want to look at a few of the West Asian and North African states and explore the relationship they have with the Zionist state. Continue reading


Is Bigotry Becoming Once Again Acceptable?

(By Huseyin Abudharr Ali)

As Britain prepares for the elections, a lot of disturbing articles, speeches and videos have been released, particularly in regards to Muslims and Eastern Europeans, which beg the question: Is bigotry becoming acceptable in Britain? Continue reading


Looking for Solutions on Palestine

(By Huseyin Abudharr Ali)

When the media claimed that Bill Clinton had fixed the so called “Palestinian-Israeli Conflict”, anyone who had even the simplest idea of what was going on in the Holy Land would know this was rubbish. The fact is that there are far too many factors involved and just getting a Palestinian leader to do their job for them rather than an ‘Israeli’ doesn’t change the oppression involved. Continue reading