The Difference Between ISIS and Israel

(By Huseyin Abudharr Ali)

Israel’s Prime Minister has compared the Hamas party in Palestine to ISIS, claiming they are both ‘Islamic Terrorist’ organisations. I thought it only fair to compare Israel to ISIS as well, just to clear up any misunderstanding about whether the two are alike and show why ISIS is evil whilst Israel isn’t. Continue reading


Islam or BBC – Who Should Muslims Follow?

(By Huseyin Abudharr Ali)

Umar ibn al-Khattab, Khalid ibn Waleed, Nurredine Zengi, Salahudine al-Ayubi, Omar Mukhtar and El Hajj Malik el-Shabazz. In the past Islam has never been short of heroes. Continue reading


Greece Vs The Troika & the British Left

(By Huseyin Abudharr Ali)

When SYRIZA won the elections British socialists celebrated, including certain parties who had been attacking Alexis Tsipras only a year earlier when he stopped in London on his way back from Hugo Chavez’s funeral. SYRIZA had beaten a system that had seen Greek politics run by three corrupt parties who were only interested in getting their friends in nice paid positions: PASOK, Nea Demokratia and the KKE. Those who were more educated on Greece and the situation knew that the election was not the end, but the beginning of the fight, even many SYRIZA supporters predicted that the new government wouldn’t last six months. Continue reading

Greek Junta

Remembering November 17

(By Huseyin Abudharr Ali)

On November 14th 1973 students at the Athens Polytechnic took over the university and started to broadcast a pirate station rebelling against the CIA funded military junta, which had been in power since 1967. Continue reading

Gaf g

Qadhafi and Life Under The Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

(By Huseyin Abudharr Ali)


Is any nation on Earth facing as much fitna (chaos) as Libya does at the moment? A state that went from having the best standard of living in Africa, the Muslim World and probably the entire globe in 2010 to suffering the worst civil war in the World by 2012. My grandfather who had right-wing sympathies moved to Libya and would later say to my father: “That Qadhafi may be a communist” my grandfather considered any socialist a communist “But he is great for his people”. In this article I will try to explain what happened in Libya and who was Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Qadhafi. Continue reading


Trilateral Platform Hosts “Global Resistance: From Ferguson to People’s Korea”

(By Richard Sudan)

Last Thursday, saw the Tricontinental Platform host an extremely informative and also constructive event: ‘Global Resistance from Ferguson to People’s Korea’ Continue reading


Public Statement From Student Group Regarding The Case of Racism In UCS

(By Huseyin Abudharr Ali)


After writing the article “Is There A Price On Acceptance Of Racism?” in April of this year about a case of racist remarks by artist Maggi Hambling and the institutional racism on part of the University Campus Suffolk in their response, I have received a statement from a group of students at the university who have organised a group to combat racism at UCS. The statement is printed below: Continue reading


British Parliament Finally Recognises Palestine In Largely Symbolic Gesture

(By Richard Sudan)

The British parliament has voted overwhelmingly to recognise Palestine as a state, although despite the numbers of MPs who voted in favour of the motion, it is unlikely to force David Cameron to change official policy towards Palestine and the government’s unrelenting support of Israel. Continue reading


Who Is Really Behind “Islamic” Terrorism?

(By Huseyin Abudharr Ali) When it was proven that Moazzam Begg was working with the Mi5 it came to a shock to many, but it wasn’t surprising to the many others who had been saying that the anti-Assad militias in Syria … Continue reading